Jogger pants unisex, MEM. Koko XL

Jogger pants unisex, MEM. Koko XL

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Vision: "I wanted to express the experiences I had in my life, which had created a lot anger and fear in to me. I wanted to explore the unisex world trough form. As I was looking for name to this collection I did not remember the word unisex - so the collection was named ASexual.It is kind of like opposite for unisex - It asks - do we need sex or gender at all." -Paula Malleus

Materiaali: second hand college ja nahka.

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Mitat vaatteesta mitattuna:

  • vyötärön ympärys 80-90 cm
  • lahkeen sisäpituus 75 cm
  • lahkeen ulkopituus 108 cm