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  • Remake Ecodesign toppi kierrätetyistä farkuista painokuviolla
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Kurin Top, MEM. Koko M

Normaalihinta €45,00
Normaalihinta €69,00 Myyntihinta €45,00
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

"Kurin" toppi on valmistettu käytetystä farkusta, johon on käsin painettu samurai-henkinen painokuvio.


"In this collection I wanted to try out making a "netprint" on the denim to refine its surface and also to see how it would effect on the production and the product quality. It worked nicely, all though it took almost the whole year to get the printing method done. Finally it is nothing too complicated, but it need a specially made wooden frame to get it right. we also got stuck  with forms. As I wanted to make something extravaganza, but I had two professionals (Outi Pyy and Joonas Saari) consulting me in to more commercial expression. First time ever we used MIPS (material input par Service/unit measurement tool to calculate how much we had saved natural resources as in water, soil and air." -Paula Malleus

Materiaali: 100% uudelleenkäytettyä farkkua (Suomi)

Valmistettu Helsingissä.

Mitat vaatteesta mitattuna:

  • rinnan ympärys 92 cm
  • pituus takaa 55 cm